Macrolepiota procera (Parasol Mushroom)

Posted by Paul 11/27/13

Paul: I am driving a narrow and winding road in the mountains (6,000 feet) of Corsica and come to a sudden stop - wife is frightened and asks what is wrong. I back up, jump out, and take this picture. Wife says NEVER do that again! Anyway I'd like to enter this Amanita in the most beautiful mushroom contest and if Dick Bishop wants to use this picture for the survivors banquet it is fine with me.

Also attached is a Corsican decurrent beauty. I'm pretty sure it isn't a chantrelle (true gills) but not sure what else it could be. No scale or spore print - running too fast… Any ideas?

Sava: your Corsican beauty is Macrolepiota procera. We don't have it here, but it's common in Europe and is one of the best edibles. The common name is Parasol Mushroom, though in Serbia we call it, for whatever reason, Mushroom of the Sun.

The second mushroom could be the poisonous Omphalotus olearius that glows in the dark (Jack O'Lantern).

Paul: Two definite contenders for sure. Not only are the mushrooms beauties (maybe cuties) , the angles and perspective are great. I didn't have the luxury of posing the subject but you have to admit the "proud" veil on the Macrolepiota is pretty impressive. We should allow some time for more entries…

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