Armallaria ostoyae

Posted by Kate 11/27/13

Kate: Two huge clusters on maple tree. Honey colored cap with black center of cap. Shirt like rings. Very tough stipes. Gills creamy colored and attached.
Looks exactly like Arora's pics of A. mellea.

Mike: I would call it a honey mushroom. I am not yet up on the new species names, and I can't take the time right now, so I won't comment on whether it's A. ostoyae or another species of Armillaria.

Are they on your list of edibles? I have eaten the A. mellea group for years, mostly on the East Coast, but some people have gastric problems from them. I have eaten A. sinapina and another, unknown species of the group here in Oregon -- with pleasure, and no problems.

Kate: I have never had a honey mushroom. Arora calls these exact lookalikes, A, mellea but his book is older than the PNW book, which I use as my guide. The authors of the latter sound like honey mushrooms in the PNW aren't worth eating.

I have heard stories of how some can have gastric upset. I guess it is wise to cook well and just start with a little bit.

Thanks for your opinion on edibility.

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