Blewits (maybe)

formal name: Tricholoma nudum (formerly Lepista nuda)
Note other names one finds in the references :
Wood blewit - Clitocybe nuda - was previously Tricholoma nudum
blewit - Clitocybe saeva - was previously Tricholoma personatum
St George's mushroom - Calocybe gambosa - was previously Tricholoma gambosum.

Posted by John 11/19/13

John: I went hiking on the 4 t's trail from the zoo to OHSU with my kids and found some mushrooms. PLease let me know if you can recognize some of these.

Judy: Take a spore print! If pale, whitish/pinkish, it would be a Tricholoma nudum (formerly Lepista nuda), but if brown spores, then it would by a Cortinarius.

An excellent article on Blewits can be found at:
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That article includes the following:

That article goes on to say:
"There are a few other blue-to-purple mushrooms around, but none that meet all these requirements. If you have a mushrooms with a suede-like cap, stocky stalk, tight, vivid purple gills, a slight but pleasant aroma and that has light, pinkish-tan spores, you have a blewit."

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