Posted by Don 11/13/13

Don: Here is an interesting mushroom I found today. There were huge troops growing in wood chips. Most were rotted but I found a few fresh ones. They have white spores and decurrent gills. They have distinctly bulbous based stipes. They have what appears to be a faint double annulus. When I use Tom Volk's "Key to North American Armillaria species" ( it leads me to NABS XI. Is this possible?

Of course, I could be wrong, but here they are: In the first picture the color is wrong but it does show the faint "double appearing" ring. The second picture is closer to the true color.

What do you-all think?

Sava: I think you should make a herbarium collection. And see if more of these double-ringed babies show up later or next year. Whatever NABS they may be

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