Mycena maculata

Posted by Don 11/12/13

Don: This group of mushrooms is growing on a dying elderberry trunk. There is no annulus. My spore print produced copious amounts of white spores. The stipes are very tough and wiry. The caps are about 2.5 cm. wide. I tried keying this out in Arora on the Marasmius, Collybia and allies key and came up with Clitocybula familia but have zero confidence in that. Tried Lyophyllum and Allies key and got immediately to L. semitale and others but it doesn't quite look right. Tried the Omphalina and Xerampolina key and got to X campanella with the same amount of confidence.

Sava: t's a Mycena of section Mycena, probably M. maculata. Unlike most mycenas, members of this section have tough stems.

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