Armillaria mellea
(Honey Mushroom)

Posted by Ellis 11/8/13

Ellis: growing in friends back lawn, measure 5-6 inches across
Can you help with the id (I didnt see in person) - sorry if it is an easy one

Judy: Some more of one of the "honey" mushrooms - Armillaria mellea "group" that have been appearing on this site the past few days. They are everywhere this year.

If you dig down in the soil and sift some of it from around these beasts, you will probably encounter black "roots" that run through the soil from the base of these. Those black roots are rhysomorphs (mushroom roots that look like thin black shoestrings) and they are probably wrapping around the roots of your ornamental plants like roses, rhodies, azaleas, maple trees, etc. and sucking them dead. It takes them a few years, but the plants will fail to thrive and after a few years, die.

Not every single species within this group of 9 does this, but it is hard to tell them apart, but many are plant parasites.

Paul: I spared my honeys because I like mushrooms. Based on what Judy said, tomorrow they will fall to the mower.
If I have said it once I've said it many times = Thank you Judy and Thank you OMS. My apple trees will now thrive.

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