Coprinus comatus

Posted by Chris 10/27/13

Chris:So, I've been missing Oregon and missing mushrooms while I've been in Arizona. Imagine my joy when, as soon as I arrived home, I was greeted by my daughter with two mushrooms in hand that she found in our back yard (for the sake of habitat identification, It's not really so much a yard; rather a back hand, clay dirt area that is currently awaiting re-landscaping...) I couldn't wait to identify them and share with you. Now, I'm pretty sure this is a very common mushroom, but as a newbie, and with no mushrooms being found previously at my house, please humor me and my excitement!
Spore print and microscopy is pending, but currently I'm thinking Coprinus comatus.

John: That would be my guess too.

Sava: Yes it is (was) C. comatus

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