Posted by John 10/27/13

John: As you can see, they have a ring and the gills have a pinkish hue, at least the youngest ones. It got me thinking agaricus, but I don't have a clue as to which one. Broad cap, say 4-6 inches wide. Some growing in wood chips in garden, some in grass.
Any ideas? Am I off on the Agaricus thought?

Taylan: I would vote for Agaricus too. How did it smell? Did the cap become yellow when rubbed repeatedly? If yes, then might be A. xanthodermus?

John: I couldn't believe this at first, but the cap does not stain yellow. Does that help?

Taylan: So the cap doesn't yellow when rubbed. Ok, that eliminates a few. How about the stem when cut; any color change or staining? Does the base of the stem look swollen (not a volva)? Any distinct smell when the base of the stalk is cut?

John: The stems are kind of old now, but they made no color change or staining. Base is not swollen. I did notice a smell, but I don't know how to describe it. An interesting note is that it seems to make a yellow color when a rain drop lands on it!

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