Agaricus subrufescens

Posted by Don 10/23/13

Don: These were growing in an area that has lots of grass clippings and leaves dumped on it year after year.
When I first saw them I was sure they were Agaricus Augustus, but then I noticed that the stipe is completely smooth.
That would seem to rule out Augustus, I think.
The key in Arora led me easily to Agaricus subrufescens, however most of the pictures of Subrufescens that I found are much lighter than my mushroom,
The odor is sweet and smells like almond.
The cap stained yellowish when handled.

Sava: A. subrufescens seems a good match to me, but my confidence in Agaricus ID is not high.

Dick: The spore size is different enough that it should decide the question

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