Boletus Edulis
King Bolete

Posted by Taylan 10/23/13

Taylan:Can you identify the attached Boletes? The white one was said to be retrieved from underneath a layer of pine needles (or something that blocks light).

Todd: They both look like B. edulis to me.

I've seen ones like the pale one where they look under developed. Most of the time it was only part of the cap that looked like that. Not enough light makes sense.

The right hand side looks like a very worn one. The cap color, tubes, and flesh look right. The stem looks just like you'd expect except for the color but I've seen discoloration like that in age.

What kind of pines were they under? Were there other trees too or only pines?

Peggy: I think they are both B. edulis, but then I was at the show to see the curious “albino” bolete. I had not seen one before. Are they very uncommon? Is light the only factor?

Taylan: Correct, both are Boletus Edulis (King Bolete). Hopefully our Bolete expert Dick can tell us how common this white variety is

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