Dendrocollybia racemosa

Posted by Taylan 10/23/13

Taylan: Among the hundreds of good sized mushrooms at the show today, of course Sava had to pick the one that is barely 9mm high and 0.25mm wide as having some very important scientific significance to it.

Here are a few pics of this cluster of tiny pinheads. I hope it will be discovered to have landed on earth from an intergalactic meteor.

what is it?

Sava: thanks for the effort you put into photo-documenting this exciting collection. I don't know who brought it to the show. (It wasn't me.) The mushroom is Dendrocollybia racemosa. The excitement came from the color of this mushroom; D. racemosa is whitish, and this thing was almost black. Also, we heard that Noah Siegel and Christian Schwartz are publishing a new species of Dendrocollybia ... When Noah came to the show in the afternoon, he said that our collection is probably D. racemosa that just lost its color as it dried out.

Taylan: It was a pleasure supporting your goal and sharing your excitement for 57 minutes. I hope you will return the favor by sharing my excitement next time I find something that is the size of a half-toothpick that appears to be a bit off color. ;)

And joke aside, I am willing to bet for a matsi that this fella was not white at any stage of its lifespan. The attached pic shows an unopened bud, semi opened and fully opened cap. I matched the K to the light source so the brown hue you see is pretty much what this thing looks like. (See the black branch with white molds on upper left as proof that the actual color is neither white nor black.) It's not dried out either. As proof, I draw your attention to the two freshly sprouting antlers on the right under the cap.

Let's publish this fella, I say it is not a white Dendrocollybia racemosa. It is now a Dendrocollybia racemosa var. OMS.Sav.Ty.brunneis.

Dick: According to the description in MatchMaker the caps should be gray to brownish gray. The MatchMaker pictures seem to bear this out.

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