Boletus mirabilis

Posted by Taylan 10/18/13

Taylan: Found a whole bunch of these fellas at Mary's Peak in conifer forest. Cap suede-like. Growing on/in rotting wood. Roots are literally merged with wood pieces. Bottom of stem larger than top. Undercap bright yellow and becomes darker yellow when rubbed. One specimen was growing side-by-side with another mushroom. All are in pristine condition. I say there will be a Boletus mirabilis dinner tomorrow after the spore prints are announced. Yes?

No spore print in a day and a half. And it was a mature specimen too. I will torture it one more night but this time enclosed with a few drops of water on its cap.

Dick: Boletes are notoriously hard to get spore prints from. I have many failures in my rèsumè. It's important to get the tubes oriented vertically, otherwise the spore never makes it out of the tube.

Taylan: The tubes looked vertical but I cut the caps of the rest of the stash and put them under glass cups for tonight. My entire dinner prospect has now been sacrificed for the sake of a spore print. I must know the color.

Your mention of the vertical tubes helped me make a startling discovery and also I did succeed in getting a spore print; it is dark olive green. Thanks!

I tortured various caps in various forms with trials of dark/clear glass, with/without water, with/without air gap, and the last one for giggles, I sliced off the spore tubes. Even though the tubes looked vertical and wide open. You would think that slicing them would cause them to close more, as documented in "Comparison TM2". Quite the contrary happened. The only cap that released spores is this one and the highest concentration of spores is in the sliced area as seen on top in "DSC_2027-c1 TM2".

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