Boletus zelleri

Posted by Taylan 10_16_13

Taylan: Found in conifer forest. Undercap is yellow but quickly becomes blue when rubbed. After a short while, the blue becomes gray/black. Stem reddish. Breaks like chalk. The cap in the picture is 2.25" diameter.

Spore print looks blackish from a distance. Under a magnifier and balanced light, it looks like a very dark green or very dark brown, more green hue than brown.

Dick: Spores should be an olive brown but if the pores touch the paper they can stain it and through off the spore color. Many boletes are going to have about the same spore color so it probably isn't going to prove anything. If it isn't B. zelleri than it's probably in the B. chrysenteron group

Taylan: Thanks, Dick. I had eliminated B. chrysenteron because of complete lack of cracks on the cap. But I suppose they could form way later.

For most spore prints, I use a laminated sheet with black & white shapes on it. This way I can view light and dark spores, induce more humidity and reuse the same tool repeatedly.

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