Lyophyllum decastes
(Fried Chicken)

Posted by Taylan 10/15/13

Taylan: Found in high elevation conifer forest. Cluster pushing through ground. Wish I knew the edibility status. They were in prime shape.

Sava: I bet you've considered Lyophyllum decastes. Is there something inconsistent with decastes that you've seen on this clump? (Of course, if you say "no", that wouldn't imply that this is decastes.)

Taylan: Yes, Lyophyllum decastes is my primary suspect anytime I come across clusters like this, especially growing by or on gravel substrate. Saw many but never had a good expert next to me who could confirm the call. So often times passed it by.

This particular one put me in a circle with Arora's oh so helpful remark that "cap not sticky when moist but may have a slightly soapy feel". Come on Arora, how do you know how sticky my soap is?! This cluster was moist and sure felt like my soap, which IS sticky.

Now I will post a not sticky Lyophyllum decastes that I was 99% sure.

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