Pluteus cervinus or
Pluteus magnus

Posted by Taylan 10/15/13

Taylan: These two fellas were about 10' up on a dead upright tree. Put the camera on the tripod with legs closed, set it in timer mode and lifted it all hoping to capture something. As I always say, a bad picture taken is better than a good picture not taken.

The tree was a softwood, possibly birch. There were oysters down below on the same tree.

Didn't disturb these fellas. They looked too happy to be growing in the moss.

Judy: Looks like a Pluteus cervinus or P. magnus because of the lumpy dark cap and the darker streaked stem. Nice find! beautiful specimens. Arora has a good key to them on p. 254, and some things to look at at the base of the stem, which we can't see

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