Hygrocybe and Lichen
Lichen called: British Solder Lichen

Posted by Taylan 10/13/13

Taylan: The LBMs are probably not possible to identify but what are the red thingies?
Captured on a rainy day in a high elevation ponderosa pine forest in Mt. Hood by a large creek.

Sava: The mushrooms could be Xeromphalina, but I'm far from sure. The lichen is Cladonia transcendens.

Judy: The mushrooms look close to Hygrocybe laeta because of the colors, viscid cap and stem, and the stem looking smooth and cartilaginous, as well as the type of habitat - moist, wet, mossy. Sav
a gave the lichens their botanical name, and they are called "British Solder Lichen" because of their red "hats" and white bodies. They are fairly common in high elevations and rocky alpine areas near streams.

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