Probably Laccaria

Posted by Elmer 10/12/13

Elmer: From afar one might think it was a Cantharellus cibarius
But it has real gills.
It does not appear to be Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (false chanterelle )-- gills are too wide and color is wrong .
It does not appear to be a Gomphus floccosus (shaggy chanterelle) cap is smooth.
It does not appear to be a Cantharellus cinnabarius (red Chanterelle) it is too big.
Can you give me a hint as to what this might be !

Taylan: Did you compare the features with Chroogomphus tomentosus? The centers of the caps look too dipped, but I would start with this one.

Dick: You are correct in all your statements. As far as a hint I would say fibrous stipe and white spores. Pull out your easy key chart and I bet you can figure it out

Elmer:Reply, thanks Dick,
It seems to fit with Omphalina.
When I go beyond that I get Omphalina hudsoniana
But I do not see anything about Omphalina hudsoniana in Oregon.
Am I on the right road?

Mike: Was it growing in a fairy ring? Was it really as orange as it seems in the photos

Dick: I think what is throwing you off is the uplifted cap margin which is not normally that way and even some in your pictures are not that way. The stems may seem slim in comparison to some but in this case I would go elsewhere.

Elmer: Now I think I see my problem/ When I decided it was not Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (false chanterelle) I should have looked at others in the same genus.

Going through the key for HYGROPHORUS I end up with the following that have to be differentiated on info that I do not have. :
H. squamulosus
H. turundus
H. miniatus

If this analysis is correct I have learned to look at other HYGROPHORUS not just Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (false chanterelle). Dick: Well actually Elmer, Hygrophorus and Hygrophoropsis are different genera. I'm not even sure they are related although they may have some features in common.
Big hint: Row 4 Column 1

Elmer: Thanks, l will look into Laccaria tomorrow.
I was misled by the picture of a twisted stipe,
but I now note that there is a +- in front of twisted.

Skye: Looks like a Laccaria to me.....if so, you can work out the species. Shouldn't be too hard. Did you get a spore deposit

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