Lipiota acutesquamosa

Posted by Quinn 10/11/13

Quinn:I found these yesterday. Free gills, white spores, annulus, spikey scales on cap, smooth stipe. What do people think?

Sava: Nice find, Quinn. It does look like L. acutesquamosa. I haven't seen this mushroom and it doesn't seem to be common. Any chance you can dry it and save for the OMS Herbarium?

Quinn: Yes, I can. I accidentally separated the cap from the stipe. Is the mushroom still desirable for the collection? I only picked the one. I did, however, leave a few behind and could possibly track them down.

Sava: Great! No problem that the cap and stem are separated. If you can pick a couple more, that would even be better. Your photos are good. Wish you took one in the field too.

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