by Taylan 10_11_12

Taylan: The season of the most prized mushroom is here and I wish all the best of luck in the upcoming weeks. They are here!

To me the most distinguishing characteristics is the smell. You won't ever forget it once you smell it.

The color will vary from white to brown, depending on how many things have bruised its surface. White will quickly turn into cinnamon-brown when rubbed or carried around.

Culinary-wise, I recommend against mixing it with anything else. Just cut it in thick slices and put it on a campfire in the woods, on the grill in the backyard or even in the oven in broil mode in the kitchen. It is revered to have an indescridably complex flavor that you will not know what it means until you eat your first one. Scientists have isolated 78 volatile flavour compounds, of which only 22 have been identified. With a long list of healing properties, it is as useful to the body as it is to the soul.

Good luck to you all.

Don: " You won't ever forget it once you smell it."

Actually, maybe I'm a slow learner (hah.... maybe?) but It did not sink into my brain until probably the 4th or 5th time. Now it is etched there and unmistakable.

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