Mycena epipterigia

Posted by Taylan 10/11/13

Taylan: Found this growing on a fallen healthy tree. I think it was a conifer, not sure. The unique feature is that the stem seemed to absorb light rather than reflect it. As most of us have discovered it the painful way, it is very difficult to capture images of reflective objects. (Unless you have a circular polarizer with you and know how to use it, and most of us don't and don't.) Does this brief observation help us with the ID?

There were several nearby and all had the root-like thing coming out on the bottom. Could it really be its root or the sign of a symbiotic relationship?

Judy: Mycena epipterigia - loves to grow in moss on tree trunks and downed mossy logs

The greenish projection at the base of it is a lichen and some grow in the same habitat. I don't think they are connected

Sava: Mycena epipterygia. ( It grows on wood; not mycorrhizal.

Taylan: Sava's images at are exemplary. I encourage everybody to take a look.

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