Tricholoma caligatum

Quinn said: I found these today up around Mt. Hood. They were found in a mixture of spruce and cedar trees. I had yet to get up this year and so spent some time around Trillium sno-park. It seems like there had been at least one recent freeze. I am thinking Tricholoma Caligatum. The promenant brown coloration leads me away from magnivelare. They have a pleasant spicy odor. (This was confirmed by a roommate who no idea what smell she should expect). There are two factors that make me ask this group for their opinion. One, I am curious if the recent freeze or and mositure may cause any discoloration. Two, Aurora and Trudell both state that caligatum is rare in the PNW. Thoughts? Also, I noticed that there still was a great diversity of mushrooms around 4,000 feet. Many of the mushrooms I encountered were not in the best conditions. The quality improved at 2300 feet.

Tylan said: Looks like it but Tricholoma caligatum is said to be mycorrhizal with hardwoods, so are we sure there were only spruce and cedars nearby?

Sava said: Yes, Tricholoma caligatum. It grows with conifers too