Edible Array by Sava

Cel said: The large central bowel is likely Polyozellus multiplex due to time of year (it could have been Craterellus cornucopoidoides except I think it is too early in the season)

The free mushrooms above that bowl at 11:00 are Boletus edulis **This one I feel pretty sure about. :)**

I don't know the next two clockwise yet, but I think the ones at 3:00 are Chanterelles

The 4:00 bowl contains what I think is another Boletus of some sort.

The plate at 7:00 unknown

The free mushroom at 8:00 I think is Cortinarius violaceus

The final bowel contains some sort of Rusulla, I think

Don said: Ok......I'll give it a shot. Of course the big bowl in the center is Polyozellus Multiplex ( the Blue Chanterelle), then starting at 11 oclock and working counter clockwise, we have boletus mirabilis, a lactarius (perhaps deliciousus group), cortinarius violaceus, another lactarius of some kind, boletus edulus, cantharellus infundibuliformas (winter chanterelle), rozites capererata (gypsy mushroom), and then the small one that I have no clue about.

From Quinn

Sava said: You guessed all but one. And for that last one, Dick has given a hint: look if you can guess the spore color from what you see. My picture really didn't show much. Lots of blurry mushroom images there; no wonder that Boletus mirabilis wasn't easy. I wonder how Quinn got Lyophyllum decastes from a few not fully developed mushroom on that little plate. (I found a big clump and started working on it when I realized the mushrooms were too dirty, so I stopped after collecting these few caps.)