Catathelasma imperiale

Posted by Sava 9/30/13

Sava:Can you recognize it?

Chris: I'm probably showing my inexperience, but it looks to me like Russula brevipes, with some in the photo that have become parasitized to become the Lobster Mushroom.

Judy: This mushroom does have white spores, but what is one of the most definitive features of Russulas in general?
Also, does the cap turn up? what are the most noticeable features of Russual brevipes?
I'll give a hint - notice the annulus on the stem, the reddish orangy/brown colors on the cap.

Taylan: The stem tapers down and has decurrent gills. It is big and edible.
I would say catathelasma imperiale but where is the second ring it is supposed to have?

Sava: Yes, it's Catathelasma imperiale. You can see the second ring in the mushroom at the bottom left. The top (big) ring is not there yet: the partial veil is still attached to the cap margin.

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