Tapinella atrotomentosa

Posted by Paul 9/12/13

Paul: This one is confusing because the spore print varies from yellow to orange to tan. It has the velvety stipe and gills similar to the first post that Joe and Sava called Tapinella. This third specimen was found on wood in Doug fir at 2,200 feet in the Coast Range.

Judy: Yes! Tapinella atrotomentosa - seems like a lot is fruiting right now. Usually it fruits a bit later, and always on dead stumps or logs.

Note this was a separate post by Paul

The attached pictures are of a shelfing mushroom growing on wood in a western red cedar bottom land at about 1,800 feet in the coast range.
I'm thinking Crepidotus because the spore/juice print is brown, the gills are not forked and do not trend to pores near the attachment. The whole mushroom is "flabby".

Sava: I don't think Crepidotus can have a stem this large. Most likely, your mushroom is Tapinella atrotomentosa. We saw lots of them last week on Mt. Adams. You can recognize this Tapinella by growth on wood and its eccentric distinctly velvety stem.

joe: Link to images of another, younger specimen (pretty sure it's the same species), collected a week ago in the same area: http://mushroomobserver.org/144680

My specimen grew on a rotting conifer log (I don't know what kind). Also flabby; moist (I could not get spore print); "juice" brown.
(Please ignore the tentative identification in Mushroom Observe

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