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Posted by Elmer 9/7/13

Elmer:In the National Forest, everyone knows that permits are needed.
As I understand it in Oregon State Forest (like the Coast range), no permits are needed.
Does anyone know what the rules are in Washington State Forests?

Dick: I seem to recall hearing that it was 3 gal without a permit but I wouldn't bet any money on it. That's for WA state lands.
Paul Patrick checked with the Oregon State Forest and few years ago and found that you do need a permit but apparently it is very loosely enforced. We ran in to a state forest warden on a field trip once but he wasn't interested when he found out we were just recreational pickers.
Also there are BLM lands scattered throughout the coast range and they require permits also and in some counties the sheriff enforces the permits. I think the only place they are available is in Salem. Most likely they are only interested in commercial collectors but I don't know that for a fact

Quinn: BLM lands in the salem district allow you to collect one gallon of mushrooms per person per day.
Washington State, from what I've read, allows for two gallons per person per day in state parks. Some parks may be closed to picking. Here is a link to a general guideline for harvesting in Washington State.
Here is a more specific list of rules for Washington as gathered by the Puget Sound Mycological Society. It was updated November 2012

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