Rozites Caperata
Cortinarius caperatus
Gypsy Mushroom

Posted by Quinn 9/6/13
Note: the second image is from Wikipedia - it says copyright expired

Quinn: I apologize for the picture quality, but I am at a wedding on mt hood. Currently, there is a break in the action and I found these. I'm thinking rozites Caperata, or the gypsy. All I have with me is Trudell's book. But, im seeing brown sores, thick membranous ring, wavy gills, fibrilose below the stipe. What else should I be looking ? Any common look alikes?

Dick: Usually the cap will not be perfectly symmetrical and there will be ridges and valleys. When young they will usually have a white hoary coating but that could have been washed off if there was a lot of rain. From what I can see I think you are probably right

Sava: Definitely looks like Cortinarius caperatus. I don't know what else it might be

Note: the second image is from Wikipedia - it says copyright expired. I like this drawing because it shows all the identifying features

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