Cantharellus formosus

Posted by Mike 9/3/13 (no pictures)

No pictures

Mike: On Labor Day, Juanita and I took a walk in the Coast Range. Once we got up into the evergreen zone, I saw a few small chanterelles, aparently Cantharellus formosus, on the uphill side of the path. Searching, we found a few more, most the size of a thumb, but some larger ones. A little further along, we found 2 or 3 pounds of C. subalpidus (which I like even better). The latter were fully mature, and a few were past their prime. So, despite the mostly dry weather, it seems the chanterelle season is upon us.
Maybe that's old news to some, but maybe not to others.

Doug: I saw some beautiful Chanterelles this weekend from the Manzanetta area.
Yes the coastal range is getting some light but enough moisture to start the fruiting.

Barney: Yellows are fruiting in the Coast Range, lower elevations on Hood, up the Mollala and the Wilson, just about everywhere. Same with Lobsters. Boletes are up at higher elevations. It's an early season, and is looking like a god one.

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