Boletus smithii, Boletus edulis, B. appendiculatus, B. abieticola

Posted by Joe 4/5/13

Joe: In the following photo, are: (a) the 2 right-hand mushrooms in the top row Boletus smithii, and (b) the remaining 4 Boletus edulis group?

Dick: I 'm curious about group b Joe. Did they stain blue and did they taste bitter?

Joe: <= 1mm so there's no staining there.
See the second picture.
So I'm thinking B. appendiculatus (but flesh of buttons seems more white than yellow), B. abieticola
(suggested by Noah Siegel, but cap does not seem fibrillose),
or B. regius (suggested by one MO viewer, but the cap is not red).

Dick: My first reaction when I saw the picture was B. coniferarum but then I noticed the pinkish tint near the edge of the caps. I've seen B. abieticola and coniferarum in the area where you collected but the cap didn't look like B. abieticola and there was no red coloration in the base. B. abieticola usually has a pleasant taste. B. appendiculatus is only known to grow in oak woods so that seems doubtful also. In the past I've noticed that the blue staining reaction and bitterness seems to be variable depending on moisture availability. If you have the time and the inclination I wouldn't mind having a dried section of one of the more mature fruiting bodies. We might be able to get a better idea by looking at some of the microscopic characters.--

Joe: I had put location information in the Mushroom Observer observation, but forgot to add it to the What is This Mush email. These were all on the west side of Mount Hood on the McNeil Point Trail (Trail #600). Elevation about 3,800 to 4,500 feet. All were spotted from the trail, so there may be more off-trail if you're willing to look.

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