Chicken of The Woods
Also called Sulfur Shelf

Posted by Elmer 7/24/13

Elmer: From a distance I thought I had found some nice Oysters for our evening meal. However, when I got up close they were rubbery. Almost like a conk.

Could this be a "Chicken of the woods" or "Sulfur Shelf" or is it too white for that.

Paul: The growth form is right and looks a lot like the picture in Arora except its NOT orange/yellow. My limited experience indicates Elmer's white COW are WAY past their peak and this is what Arora suggests as well. . I've found white COW on logs in the fall and returned earlier (e.g., July) in a following year in an attempt to find younger orange/yellow specimens. So far this strategy has not worked. Perhaps the COW uses up most of the available nutrient in the log and newer growth does not come back where the white ones use to grow??? One would think that the mycelia that sprouted the white specimen might find a nearby log so return trips to the general area of the white specimens might be a strategy.

Mike: I agree with Paul's thoughts on this. The white ones are rotting

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