Hygrophorus purpurascens
or Hygrophorus erubescens
(Snow Bank Mushroom)

Posted by Paul 5/30/13

Paul: The real mystery is the pink-capped decurrent gilled specimen (5000 feet 3). The several specimens were just emerging and seemed smooshed.The stipe is fibrous/stringy and firm. After three hours, I am not getting a spore print. It smells very mushroomy. A wild guess is Clitopilus.

Elmer:Is that a Hygrophorus purpurascens
Sometimes called a "Snowbank Mushroom".
From my references:
Hygrophorus purpurascens has a viscid purplish red cap and stalk,
vinaceous-streaked fruiting body, decurrent, waxy gills, fibrillose veil.

It is found under spruce and other conifers many times partially buried in the duff

Paul: Our specimen does not have a veil and may be Hygrophorus erubescens?

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