Posted by Paul 5/21/13

Paul: After canoeing to islands in the Columbia and lower elevation searches near BZ Corner,
Wendy and I found 6 - 7 dozen at 4,600 feet on the east side of Mt Hood.

We drove up Forest Road 4410 to snow patches and searched well off the road in the mixed forest. We found several bunches of 6 - 7 morels/bunch just pushing up. The openings were not productive. Ramaria was also pushing up. Strawberries were just starting to flower and other wildflowers (e.g., lupine) showed no sign of flowers.

Dcik: Way to go Paul. That road has been productive some years in the past, others not so much. Sounds like you were probably the first there.
For some really glorious views go back in about a month ( I'm assuming the road is still blocked as it is most years) and go all the way up to High Prairie, then hike up to the summit of Lookout Mtn. The meadows at High Prairie are filled with shooting stars and the view from near the top is one of my favorite places to sit on a big rock and eat lunch. Do it on a nice day when the wind isn't going to be to bad.

Ken: I was off the 44 road today and found about 2 lbs of morels before it started snowing and blowing! Looks like it will be a while before it warms up enough for another crop to pop out.

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