Three spring Boletus
B. regius, B. rubipes. and B. rex-veris (pinophilus, pinnicola)

Posted by Paul 5/9/13

Paul: Wendy and I followed Quin’s lead and went to public land just north of BZ corner at 1,500 feet and found what we think are Boletus edulis (pores were not radial and the stipe was swollen at the base) and morels M. esculenta (pic 006)

Kim: In the first picture, are they really that yellow? Also, are they staining at all? I'm just considering the possibility that these are suillus instead of boletus?

Paul: The random pores (versus radial in Suillus), dry cap and swelling stipe make me think B. edulis BUT it certainly could be wishful thinking. I didn’t see any staining –

Any more ideas about the so called B. edulis from the professors? I was hoping the patterned dry cap would help but I don’t see anything about the patterned cap in the Key Council Key

Sava: Sorry about neglecting your important find. Most likely, it's the Spring King, Boletus rex-veris ( Not many other boletes grow at this time of the year. One thing that must be done with boletes: cut it and see if the flesh (in both cap and the stem) shows any color changes. Also, check if the pore surface bruises when pressed with a finger.

Dick: If it's in the B. edulis group it should have some reticulations (netting pattern) on the stipe, at least near the top.
There are a couple of Suillus that sometimes occur in the spring but this doesn't look like one of them. There are three Boletus that I have found in the spring: B. regius, B. rubipes. and B. rex-veris (pinophilus, pinnicola). B. rubipes stains blue and is usually quite bitter, B. regius sometimes stains blue and has a dark red cap, B. rex-veris has white pores when young, reticulations on the stipe and a variably reddish cap (sometimes you have to scrub the cap with a wet cloth to see the red color). If it's not bitter and doesn't have red pores then you should be able to eat it.-

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