Agrocybe praecox

Postted by John 4/15/13

John: These are white gilled,no pink, then grey, then chocolate brown.
Chocolate brown spore print. Don't seem to stain quickly when bruised, rubbed or cut.
Stem easily removed from cap.
Together in the field like a fairy ring. Thin tall stalk-caps 2- 5" wide.
Ring, Partial veil, No volva noticed.

Take a look. I'd appreciate it if you guess. Obviously, I am the decider. Whaddya think? My best guess is Horse mushroom. Agaricus arvensis.

Sava: this is no horse, no Agaricus.
The cap surface in every Agaricus is fibrillose and would never crack in all directions,
the way your picture shows.
What you have is Agrocybe praecox (or a closely related species).
These Agrocybe are very common spring mushrooms here,
growing mostly on wood chips.
Note the farinaceous odor when you break the cap and squash it if needed to make the odor stronger.

Sava (*later) Lots of Agrocybe around. People brought loads of them to the tables on Saturday

blitz at Kelley Point. Apparently, they are not all the same "A. praecox".
Joe Cohen got identified one of his posts recently as Agrocybe putaminum.

Tonight I came accross a nice paper by Else Vellinga on it and other wood chip mushrooms:

It's interesting that there are several species that get to new areas with wood chips coming from who knows where. Leratiomyces percevalii, also found by Joe Cohen recently, is one of them. Leratiomyces ceres (= Stropharia aurantiaca) is another. Neither of them seems to have become very common in our area yet. (You'll find them in Else's article too.)

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