Posted by Paul 02/08/13

Paul: The gills in 008 (and 006 if turned over) look to be adnate so I’m going with Tubaria for both 004 and 005 even if they look different in the grass. Tubaria is NOT on the Kit sheet but these specimens are in the same area where Judy found Tubaria last fall. If I had to use Kit’s sheet, Galerina is the closest. If I go by spore color, the color in 008 is more like Tubaria on the Spore Color Chart handed out at one of the courses.

The early appearance of these little mushrooms indicates temperature plays an important role for emergence.

If there were more megashrooms, these little guys/gals probably wouldn’t get any attention at all.

Sava: Tubaria is the best I can think of these too. From what I can see on the pictures, 004 and 005 are probably the same thing.

Glad I'm not the only one looking for (little) mushrooms these days,

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