Posted by Paul 2/7/13

Paul:This warm weather is bringing out some problem children in Tigard.

The first series seems to be Coprinus, The indoor photo does not show a spore print after 24 hours and the specimen is all dried up.

This specimen had free gills and was growing in the yard where inky cap usually grows (over a buried stump).

002 shows prodigious growth in a recently turned over area and I noted a lot of this mushroom growing in the woods

001. Coprinus should have a dark spore print but I couldn’t see it. Possible explanations are:
The specimen is too dried out to drop spores

All the spores already dropped

It is Mycena and not Coprinus

Sava: What you have in the first and the third picture is a Mycena.
Could be M. robusta -- which I also found last weekend, --
but it's difficult to positively identify a Mycena like this even with a microscope.

The second photo is probably something else; have you checked the gill color and spores?

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