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Sava: What is the genus of this mushroom?
The attached photo was taken last Saturday in Tualatin Hills Nature Park.
The photo does not show everything you'd need to know, so I'm giving you a hint:
the spore print is brown (dull brown).

Members of this genus occur commonly this time of the year in our area.
It's worth knowing.

Paul W: Could that be psilocybe? Second guess is stropharia.

Sava: Both Psilocybe and Stropharia have (typically) dark to purple brown spores. Strophs have a ring. Psilocybe has smooth ("glabrous") cap. Keep guessing!

Don: This looks like maybe a pholiota. Except that it looks like it's growing on the ground, and not wood. Maybe there is some buried wood?

Sava: It was growing on the ground. Pholiotas have a ring, which we don't have here, even though you can't tell this for sure from the picture.

Richard T: Inocybe

Sava: Yes, congratulations! The "radially-fibrillose" cap like in the picture, taken together with dull brown spores, indicates Inocybe. Sava: