Agrocybe praecox

Posted by Sava 4/14/12

Sava: This is our common suburban Spring mushroom,
growing typically in groups on wood chips.
The picture was taken a year ago in my neighborhood (Saltzman Road).

The spores are brown. There is a veil that can be seen in young specimens.
In older, it may completely disappear, but the traces of it along the cap edge can persist.
(Learn to look for veil remnants at cap margin!)
When the mushroom gets older and dryer, the cap cracks in all directions.

The odor is farinaceous (mealy).
This odor is common in mushrooms and, when present, always has a diagnostic value.
You'll need to learn to recognize it, if you haven't already.

Can you find this mushroom in your books? ---Genus and species name, please.
If you already know this mushroom,
or if you quickly discover what it is, please don't post your answer till tomorrow,
so that everybody interested can get a chance to work a little on it.

Lisa: Agrocybe praecox

Richard T: I concur

Sava: Lisa and Richard: congratulations! The mushroom is indeed Agrocybe praecox