Marasmiellus candidus

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Sava : Small (cups up to 3-4 cm), white (may stain pink),
wide-gilled, growing in groups on wood, white-spored,...

The above characterizes this common spring mushroom. What is it? (Genus & species, please.)
These mushrooms are in fact beautiful and photogenic.
Once you get the name, google it and admire the photos you'll get.
Now, check your Arora (MD) or Trudell & Ammirati. Definitely worth knowing!

Richard T. : Marasmiellus candidus
Sava: Marasmius _is_ on the Kit Scates key.
It's a genus of small mushrooms, but some are quite distinctive.
Marasmius oreades is a really good edible;
M. salalis smells of garlic stronger than garlic
(it's a PNW mushroom, grows on salal leaves);
Marasmius plicatulus, with its dark velvery cap and straight strong stem,
is a beauty (see photo of it Arora).

BTW , candidus is one of the Latin words for "white".
Shining white. Plain white is albus/alba/album and is used a lot in mushroom naming.
So is the Greek leukos/leuka.

Paul : Marasmius in the slim stem row (Group B) but its not in the grows on wood row (Group C).

Sava : the Kit Scates chart is to be used from top to bottom,
so the place for Marasmius is in the second row.
The third row is for mushrooms that grow on wood,
but don't have free gills (those are in row 1) and are not "slim-stemmed" (row 2).
Species of Marasmius, by the way, can be found on all kinds of substrates.