Galerina stylifera

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Luurt: Hi:
AM I right in saying Galerina authumnalis and Cladonia pixillites? (pyxidata?)
The nail head above the cap is 7 millimeters in diameter
Spore is buff/tan
Old, very rotten 2 by 10 substrate

Judy: Beautiful photos!!!
Your little beauty is a Galerina, but definitely not autumnalis,
as that is usually a larger fungus, grows in troops on really dead wood (stumps and logs),
and the caps are convex with no umbo and no cap edge striations as this one has
(skin surface is not so fragile as this specimen.
This looks closer to Galerina stylifera
in section Sideroides because of the overhanging cap edges and the stipe characters.
But in these little guys one must look at the spores and cystiidia to really tell them apart.
Do you have any more of them?