Probably Boletus smithii

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Here is what Paul and I found


The Stem is definitely Red-ish


It stains Blue Green


This shows it cut


The Stem is Yellow when cut


Here is the bottom of the stem


Here is a spore print
I would say it is Olive Brown


The spores are oblong or spindle shapped
They measure 4.5 by 11 to 14 microns

Elmer: Paul and I found some good looking Boletus,
however, they have a somewhat red stipe and they stain blue green.
Am I correct in concluding that these ARE NOT EDIBLE?

Sava: Please explain how you got to this conclusion.
Can I suggest that you try the PNW key;
it's on the Key Council site:

Judy: The overall size of the mushroom, plus the size/shape of the stem in relation to cap size
will help get you to the correct identification.
Also note the cap surface texture. And Sava’s hints are good – you can find it there.

Elmer: After looking at the key and various other sources like Michael Wood's web site ,
I am inclined to think that these are:
Chalciporus piperatoides also known as Boletus piperatoides
or Chalciporus piperatus

Judy: No, it is not. That mushroom has reddish pores, and a very yellow stipe base.

Elmer: I have tried to go back and figure that out, but it is not easy.
I am fairly comfortable in thinking that what we have are Boletus smithii
Let me know if you think I am still off track (which is entirely possible)

Do you think that might be correct. ----------------------------

Note: taste is not bitter -- The taste is very mild
Spore print is Olive Brown
Spores are oblong or spindle shaped 4.5 microns to 11 to 14 microns

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It is not Chalciporus piperatoides - spores not red

Click Here to see a description of Chalciporus piperatoides in

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