Not Determined -- possibly a honey mushroom

Posted by Katie 11/26/12 -- - - - - Scroll Down to See the Discussion

Katie: This was solitary under Doug Fir.
Veil still very much apparent. The 1st pictures are in the field.
The last ones are a little better inside my house.
The gills actually looked slightly pinkish in the field but that color went away as it dried out.
Cap is soft. Kind of velvety to the touch,

Mike P: From the photos, which are not great, it looks a lot like a honey mushroom to me,
except that I've not seen a specimen with the white tissue up the stem like this one
(and I don't have a chance to look at reference material now.
Honey mushrooms often have pinkish tan gills, even though the spores are white,
and they certainly have fibrous stems. Yes, please bring it in so we can have a look!

Katie: Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the meeting last night.
It did not drop a spore print,unless it is white.
Thanks for your help.

Mike P: If you still have spore print, try holding it to the light at an angle.
Sometimes a white spore print on white paper can be seen that way.