A cup fungus --- Bisporella citrina

Posted by Elmer 11/25/12 - - - Scroll Down for More Pictures and to see Discussion


This shows
the mushroom (?) at
one hundred times magnification

Note: I could not
get the magnified image in color
see below for an image in color at 40x


This shows
the mushroom (?)
as it was growing


At a magnification of 1000x
one can see structures
that look like ASCI
The outside width of these tubes is about three microns


This shows
the mushroom (?) on
the log at
about a 40x magnification


Sorry for the poor picture
but if you look closely, you can see what appears to be a veil
partially broken with a deeper yellow layer beneath

Elmer: Here is something I found on Paul's field trip today.
Is it a mushroom or is it something else?

Paul W: Its safe to say its not a liverwort – there is no chlorophyll.

Judy: You already know it is an ascomycete, so you are partway there.
It is a common little yellow cup fungus, and is listed on p. 877 in Arora’s MDM in the key,
but sadly no photo.
But do you have Steve Trudell’s book?
If so, on p. 293-4 there is a good photo and description.
With all this rain and mild temps, it will be appearing everywhere there are dead twigs and logs.
I won’t tell you its name, but let you explore. Put it under the scope too – it’s nifty.

Elmer: Thanks Judy
Bisporella citrina is a cute little "thing"
I thought I was looking at ASCI, but when I read about the size of the spores,
maybe what I am seeing are spores.
Do you think that the following picture shows spores or ASCI (or maybe neither).

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