Russula, Pleurotus, Armiollaria, Gomphidius

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Paul: I scouted the Tigard Cache property before taking the OMS people there and found the following.
I didn’t think I could get lost but I sort of got disoriented
(NOT LOST ) and emerged in a subdivision 5 blocks from here I went it.

Here are several of my finds:
Pictures 001 and 002 are mushrooms growing within feet of one another.
All three have very light to white spore prints.
Left to right I guess: a. Russula; b. ???? growing singularly – can’t even venture a guess; c. Pleurotus
Picture 003 - may be Amanita buds? Picture 004 – the spore print is sure wet but looks to be chocolate/tan. I’ll guess Gomphidius.
BTW – I researched and tried to use the macro setting on my Sony and the pics seem look better.
Can y’all tell if the macro is working?
There are three species in 001 and I flipped them over in 002.
Lets call the three (left to right) a, b, and c. “c” was on a rotting log
with many others in a shelf-like pattern similar to the way oysters grow. “a” and “b”
were growing in the forest duff and were singular (not in a group).
All three species were within a one foot radius.

Sava: I wouldn't venture a guess for your 001 and 002.
Was there any particular odor in any of them?
#003 looks like it could be an Armillaria.
#004 is a Gomphidius indeed (dark decurrent gills, stems that's yellow at the bottom, ...).

Dick B: Like Sava I really can't say with any certainty what the mushrooms are in 001 and 002.
I would say that the first two mushrooms don't appear to be Russula,
more like a Clitocybe if anything.
The third one might be a Pluerotus but the shape is not typical.
I would think more likely a Lentinus or Lentinellus
although the gills do not seem to have the saw tooth pattern.-

Paul: Next question on the potential Clitocybe vs potential Rusulla.
Spore print was not pink so I (as a novice) would go with Rusulla.
Lets say I wanted to make sure and opened Arora MD and go to the table on pages 61 and 62. No help there.
Lets say I don’t have a microscope and suite of chemicals. What do I do next?

Next question on the Lentinus versus Pleurotus.
1. I think the taste is very good and the gills are not saw toothed.
So (as a novice) I go with Pleurotus.
2. Lets say I want to be sure. What do I do next?