Chlorophyllum olivieri (previously called Lepiota)

Posted by Peggy 11/15/12 - - - - - Scroll Down for Description

I tried to post to the group before but was evidently doing it from an unrecognized email. I’ll try again.
Dan sometimes brings home interesting things from his dog-walks,
(not always in pristine condition), so I don’t have any pictures in situ.
I think I’ll start sending a camera with him.
He found these under Red Cedar in Southwest Portland.

Largest cap is about 13cm across.
Looks like Lepiota (Chlorophyllum?) but which one?
The mature cap has more scales than I would expect for procera .

Spores white. Flesh thin.
I have no confidence in my ability to key Lepiota.

Quinn: There seem to be quite a few post these days regarding this mushroom.
It looks to me like chlorophyllum olivieri.
They are fruiting all over town right now.
Save sent me this advice.
Hopefully, this well help the larger group with future id's.

"An abrupt bulb eliminates Ch. molybdites and Ch. rachodes,
leaving us with Ch. brunneum and Ch. olivieri.
If the ring has double edge, then it's Ch. olivieri.
There are descriptions on the Key Council site (, "

Mike P: Thanks, Quinn. It will certainly help me.