Agaricus -- possibly Agaricus silvicola

Posted by Carolyn 11/08/12 - - - - - - Scroll Down to see the discussion

carolyn: Growing right by my front door, will these be my dinner or my death?
I took one to mushroom group Tuesday night but neglected to get a thumbs up from Sava or Sally.
Please identify.
Sava: No death. Dinner or upset stomach is a better pair of alternatives.

Bad yellow stainers can be seen in masses these days;
I'm afraid yours would be one such. Check the odor (crush it if it's not apparent).
Is it pleasant (almond, anise) or not ("chemical")?
If you have Arora's big book, check the Agaricus section and what to look in a ring there.

Does it have a cogweel pattern at the bottom (best seen before the veil is broken)?

Note: Arora saysAgaricus silvicola is edible with caution.
Make sure there is no volva and that the mature gills are not white.
Can mix with the deadly Amanita which is similar in size shape and color.