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Note: Chlorophyllum molybdites,
which has the common names of false parasol or green-spored parasol
is a widespread mushroom that is Highly poisonous

Quinn: I found three mushrooms growing near one another at the edge of the Chimney dog park today.
I think they are in the genus chlorophyllum.
The only book that I own which addresses the genus chlorophyllum in any detail is Trudell's book.
I am having a hard time distinguishing between the three species he mentions.
It seems to me that the uniform color would mean that they are chlorophyllum olivieri
but I also see a distinct abrupt rimmed bulbous stipe base.

I was hoping folks could help me ask the right questions which would lead to an identification.
I just want to make sure that they are not C.molybdites,
even though Trudell states they are not found in the PNW.
It looks like they leave a white spore print but I have never seen a green spore sprint.
Does anyone know how green the spore print of C. Molybdites is?
My camera died halfway through taking pictures,
but I will post what I have and try to post more later.
I apologize for the poor quality. At least now,
I have an excuse to get a new camera!

Sava: The abrupt bulb eliminates Ch. molybdites and Ch. rachodes,
leaving us with Ch. brunneum and Ch. olivieri.
If the ring has double edge as it looks to me from your picture, then it's Ch. olivieri.

If you look at the descriptions on the Key Council site
I'm sure you'll make the correct determination.