sulfur shelf

Posted by Quinn 7/23/12 - - - - - -- - - Scroll Down to see the discussion

Quinn: I found some sulfur shelf driving to work this morning.
(I swear I am going to get in a car wreck one of these days).
It was growing on a cherry plum tree in east Portland.
I thought I would give everyone a heads up so they could check their favorite spots.

Kim: Mmm, one of the mushrooms most worth almost getting into a car wreck over.

Mike P: thanks for the heads up!
I checked my favorite spot (while driving, of course), and no growth yet.
I hope it's not the same spot as yours . . . it is on cherry plum,
and in SE Portland.

Quinn: Nope, I found this particular grouping in north east.
Hopefully yours are just around the corner.