Liability Release and Promise Not to Sue

I understand and accept that there are risks incurred when participating in an Oregon Mycological Society (OMS) field trip. The risks include the risk of getting lost, risks associated with moving about in fields and woods, risks involved in eating wild mushrooms, all those risks one assumes by being away from home, the risk of losing personal property, and other expected and unexpected risks.

In registering for or attending this OMS field trip, I agree to assume total responsibility during the field trip for my own safety and well-being and for that of any minor children under my care. I agree, attest and verify that I am participating in this field trip at my own risk.

I release OMS, its directors, officers, volunteers, and all other persons assisting in the planning and presentation of this field trip from liability for any sickness, injury, or loss, I, or any minor children under my care, may suffer during such field trip or as a result of attending or participating in the field trip. I further promise not to file a lawsuit or make a claim against any of the persons listed above, even if they negligently cause me or any minor children under my care injury or loss during this field trip.

Finally, I agree to hold OMS harmless from any liability it may incur as a result of any damage to any property I may cause during this field trip.

This release and promise is part of the consideration I give in order to participate in this OMS field trip. I understand that this document affects my legal rights. I intend it to apply not only to me but to anyone who may have the right to make a claim on my behalf.

This liability release and promise not to sue remains in effect until a revocation, in writing, is delivered to an officer of the Oregon Mycological Society.