1.PICK A DATE for your field trip based on your schedule and the most likely time of the season to encounter fungi!

a) Communicate this date with the Field Trip Coordinator (FTC). The FTC will forward the information to the appropriate committees for distribution.

b) Let the FTC know if you would like additional help from another OMS member for mushroom identification.

2.DECIDE ON FIELD TRIP LOCATION through personal experience or by gathering information from other members. If possible, scout location in advance (1-3 days) and determine what is the best place to take field trip participants.

--- Determine meeting places and times.

1)One close to town for carpoolers.

2)Second location AT the field trip site.

(If possible, avoid meeting near the site & caravanning to another site — too many cars get lost! If you choose this method, be sure to count the number of vehicles upon leaving the first gathering & at every intersection until you reach your ultimate destination

---Make note of detailed driving directions WHILE you are in the field, including good visual markers. Try to compose the directions for the person who has never been to the area before! (ie: mileage, mile posts and major geographic features are excellent)

---Determine what permit, if any, is needed.

---You may limit the number of participants at your discretion!

3.RECEIVE INQUIRIES from interested parties and make note of who would like to carpool. (You may receive calls way before the field trip---at least respond and let the person know that you will be sending complete information later.) It is helpful to create an "address book" in your computer so you can just keep email addresses to it, and easily send out one email to all.

4.SEND INFORMATION to participants that have signed up for your field trip.

--Inform participants of field trip details. Please include the following:

1)Where you will meet the group and the time

2)Detailed driving directions

3)Permit requirements (if any)

4)Email to each participant (or ask them to get from the OMS site)

a)OMS Field Trip Participant Guidelines

b)OMS Mushroom Hunting Checklist,

c)OMS Liability Release and Promise Not to Sue


Have all participants fill out and sign the Field Trip Sign-In sheet.

Call to their attention the waver (that they previously signed) on the back of the sign-in form

Have participants break up into small groups (no more than 5 per group) (Make sure that beginners are partnered with the leader, or another reasonably knowledgeable person.)