Survivors' Banquet 1/25/16

some of the delicious dishes on which we feasted

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Morel Focaccia

Mushroom and whipped Cheese Bruschetta

Chanterelles Almond Cookies

Mince Meat Tarts

Mozzarella with truffles

Portobellow Pesto

Green beams and rice
with fresh wild Oyster mushrooms

Blueberry Date Bars

Lasagna with Portabello Mushrooms

Torts with Agaricus Mushrooms

Pasta with Oregon Truffels

Pot Pie with Chicken and Chanterelles

Chicken with Chanterelles

Potatoes with Lobster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Dish

Sushi with fresh lobster mushrooms

White Chocolate Truffles with actual white truffles

Hugarian Mushroom Soup

Morel sandwich

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Pepperoni Stuffed Mushrooms

Porchini Bread

Winter Tomato Mushroom Soup with White Button mushrooms

Cremini Focaccio

Filo Sigura with Wild Mushrooms
Hericium (Bear's Head and Chantrelles

Shitake Sundae

Unfortunately, I missed taking pictures
of some of the delicious dishes
For that, I aologize

Some of the following photos are
are courtesy of Keith S.

One attendee's dish with all the "goodies:

View of the tables

Some of the attendies

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